The Art of Being (2015):

“In going through the most difficult season of my life, I learnt what it is to rejoice. To sow, without promise of reap. To just be. I believe that what binds us together, as people, is a simple vulnerability. And it is in being vulnerable, in sharing ourselves, in choosing to love and to fight when appropriate, that we can find our strength. In a busy life filled with distractions, our greatest asset is to know how to be present. How to accept that vulnerability. And how to sow in that present, not without hope, but with honesty. It is this form of ‘being,’ which produces true art.”

Sutra’s first mixtape was released on June 12th 2015. The Art of Being, or TAOB, is a collection of music and sung poetry that captures the origin, fears, heartbreak, joy, frustrations and aspirations of the self. A unique medley of electro, neo-soul, jazz, acoustic and Afro-music, its work is honest, unafraid but also deeply vulnerable. Its leading track Where You Are was picked up by BBC Wales the day after release.

Genre: Alternative